Focus, Grandma

Koncentriši se, baba (2020)

Komödie, Drama | Bosnien und Herzegowina, Türkei
Regie: Pjer Žalica
TRT Kurdî | 24.05.24 | 03:35

Bewertung: 7.4/10
Benutzer-Bewertung: 9.5/10
(4 stimmen)


April 1992. Members of a large family strewn around the former Yugoslavia gather around the death bed of their elderly matriarch. She is not well, but the forecast of a family doctor that her death is a matter of minutes away proves incorrect, so the waiting stretches out for days. Relatives start bickering, playing tricks and arguing over the inheritance to be left by the old woman, especially over her large family house in Sarajevo. Despite her deteriorating health, Grandma happily joins the fray. It appears as if that might be what is keeping her alive. Family feuds and intrigues directed against one of the sisters are more important to the family than the clear, terrifying signs of an approaching cataclysm. When the scheming is finally revealed, it is too late. A war has begun in Sarajevo.


Focus, GrandmaFocus, GrandmaFocus, GrandmaFocus, GrandmaFocus, Grandma


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