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  • Ricky & Barabba (1992)

    Riccardo Morandi is a billionaire on the verge of bankruptcy, due to some debts incurred with banks that had decided to finance him in the production of a special...
  • Totò Double or Nothing? (1956)

    The Duke Gagliardo della Forcoletta, penniless and expert in horse-races, finds out he has a daughter, Emma Marini. Her job is in the bar Aurora. The Duke decides...
  • Warum hab' ich bloss 2 x Ja gesagt? (1969)

    The Italian Vittorio Coppa works as a sleeper car commuter and commutes regularly between Munich and Rome. Because he believes that true love exists only in...
  • Valkenvania - Die wunderbare Welt des Wahnsinns (1991)

    A financier [Chevy Chase] meets a spurned lover [Demi Moore] and agrees to take her to a business meeting. On the way there, they run a stop sign in a tiny town...

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