Die letzten Tage des sündigen Rom

L'incendio di Roma (1965)

Drama | Italien, Jugoslawien
Mediaset Italia | heute | 10:51

Bewertung: 4.8/10


After successfully campaigning in Gaul for seven years, Consul Marcus Valerius arrived back in Rome with his legion. He and his men were looking forward to celebrating their return with families and friends. The fearless warrior expected his Emperor to be pleased with his conquests, but Nero showed little interest. Other priorities were far more important. Nero ordered Marcus to assist Menecrate, the hated leader of the Praetorian Guards, in cleansing the city of its Christian presence but he refused and resigned as consul in protest. He was immediately sentenced to death and his legion disbanded. Marcus Valerius is a valiant soldier and the killing of innocent people goes against all his principals. The former hero now becomes the hunted.


Die letzten Tage des sündigen Rom


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