Acitrullo is a small village of 16 inhabitants in the wild part of Abruzzo, Italy. Because of the isolated position of this mountain hamlet, the modern technological world is totally precluded to its inhabitants which are in fact all trying to move away from there. The major, in a last desperate attempt to avoid the total depopulation of his village, decides to stage an homicide in order to attract mass media and dark tourism. The plan is successful, and gives new economic shine to the small hamlet.


Omicidio all'italiana


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  • Bagnomaria (1999)

    A Pietrasanta all are excited for the annual party of summer end. Here we find four characters: Merigo, a naive guy passionate of bike; Pierre, son of the mayor;...
  • Sono fotogenico (1980)

    Antonio Barozzi, an aspiring actor, goes to Rome to seek both fame and fortune.
  • Zwei wie Hund und Katz' (2017)

    Die Hundebesitzerin Laura und der Katzenbesitzer Spencer müssen sich ein Haus teilen.

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