I Babysitter

I Babysitter (2016)

Komödie | Italien
Cine34 | heute | 11:14

Bewertung: 5.1/10


Andrea is a thirty-year old guy who dreams to become a famous sports agent and works for Gianni Porini, a big name in the sports sector. The day Porini receives a prestigious prize at the Grand Gala of the Sport, his wife suddenly realizes that she'll need a babysitter to take care of his son Remo. In the hurry, she asks Andrea to look after Remo. Andrea sees it as a great chance to curry favor with his boss, and accepts. However, the exact same day was Andrea's birthday, and his friends Aldo and Mario decide to celebrate it in the woman's house organizing a party and filming the whole thing. The Porini's house becomes the location of a wild party. The following morning, police investigates on the devastated house and finds the camera used by Andrea's friends.


I Babysitter


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