Police commissioner Lo Gatto is in charge of the local Italian police station within Vatican State. During an investigation, following the murder of a Vatican priest, he decides to question the Pope! For this reason Lo Gatto is punished with the transfer to a Sicilian remote island: Favignana. Nevertheless in the island there isn't anything to do for a police commissioner Lo Gatto decides to investigate the vanishing of a tourist. A journalist always in search of sensational stories helps him, even if the corpse wasn't find...


Keine Bewertungen
  • Uomo d'acqua dolce (1997)

    Antonio and Beatrice are a married couple and she's pregnant. One night she feels like eating artichokes under oil and he hurries to the supermarket to buy them....
  • The Antidote (2005)

    Jacques-Alain Marty, known as Jam, is the boss of Vladis Entreprises, a large French multi-pole group. Everything works for him, but for the past few weeks, Jam...
  • The Miser (1990)

    Misery money-lender Arpagone is looking to arrange three weddings simultaneously to cut down on costs. One for himself and the others for his two children. Of...
  • Ne vrijedi ako me ostaviš (2016)

    Vincenzo and Paolo, two friends who have been recently dumped by their girlfriends, decide to take revenge each making the other one's ex fall in love with him to...

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