Lorenzo e' uno svagato conduttore del programma notturno di radio Strega, il quale inventa sentenze fasulle e discutibili amenita' per tener compagnia a chi soffre d'insonnia, o e' costretto per qualche altra ragione a vegliare. All'uscita dalla radio, s'incontra puntualmente ogni notte con un gruppo di non meno svitati amici per correre avventure occasionali.


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  • Der Club der toten Dichter (1989)

    USA, 1959: Der junge Englischlehrer John Keating tritt eine Stelle an der elitären Welton Academy an. Gleich in der ersten Unterrichtsstunde überrascht Keating...
  • Beach Guard in Winter (1976)

    Grown up in an atmosphere of failed marriage of his parents, a young man wants to go his way throughout life. School he finished doesn't give him the opportunity...
  • King of the Doormen (1976)

    A janitor/doorman and his family who came to "big city" Istanbul, with the hope to live a better life. With the different characters living in the building, the...
  • Das Pulverfass (1998)

    In Beograd, mid-1990s, 20 people's paths crisscross one night in rage and theater. A callow youth dents a car; its owner hunts him down and trashes his father's...

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