A Pietrasanta all are excited for the annual party of summer end. Here we find four characters: Merigo, a naive guy passionate of bike; Pierre, son of the mayor; Simone, a pestiferous kid; Mario, lifeguard of "Bagnomaria".




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Samstag, 17. April 2021 13:07
A double boiler is a 1999 drama film which tells the typical Tuscan and comedy is set in Pietrasanta, where they move the characters played by Giorgio Panariello:

Mario, the classic lifeguard versiliese always ready to joke and to entertain their customers full Tuscan Style;
Merigo, an avid cyclist, usually lift the elbow with a glass of Brunello too;
Pierre, the PR of the nightclubs that loves to do late at night with his friends and they didn't want to go to work;
Simone, a lively... (mehr)
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