Burleske Tragödie

Urnebesna tragedija (1995)

Komödie, Drama, Fantasie | Jugoslawien, Bulgarien, Frankreich

Benutzer-Bewertung: 7.7/10
(289 votes)


In a way of protesting for inhuman living conditions and the shortage of medications caused by the disintegration of Yugoslavia and its sanctions, a doctor in a hospital decides to close his clinic for mental illness. His wish is to return the patients to their homes or give them to someone who is willing to accept them temporarily. Since one of the patients is planning to "get married" the doctor takes all the patients out on the street and uses the wedding as an excuse. A person "who can not fly" goes out to the streets with them, but he only exists as a person in the minds of the patients. However, trouble starts arising on the first step they take outside the clinic. In freedom the patients (not used to the games of the "normal society") start doing whatever they want to or feel like, not paying attention to and ignoring the chaos they are causing...


Burleske Tragödie


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