Sonia, a beautiful gold digger, mistakes Antonio, a waiter in a Neapolitan hotel, for the Arab prince Bey of Agapur and makes an appointment with him for the following day in Capri. Antonio goes there behind his wife and mother in law's back. Due to a lucky series of circumstances he really does becomes the prince of the island.


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  • Life Is a Wonderful Thing (2010)

    In Rome, a policeman is charged with listening to the lives of others.
  • The Inconsolable Widow Thanks All Those Who Consoled Her (1973)

    After the death of rich husband Salvatore in a car accident, his beautiful wife Caterina is preparing to collect the enormous legacy, but she will be able to...
  • Almost Ordinary Story (2003)

    A look at the romantic relationship of a young couple that is shook when his old flame shows up.
  • Caterina in the Big City (2003)

    When her social-climbing father is relocated from small-town North to his native Rome, 12-year-old Caterina enrolls to his old school, finding herself in an...

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