Die flotten Teens von Rimini

Vai alla grande (1983)

Komödie, Romanze | Italien

Bewertung: 3.8/10


Rimini in winter. Giorgio, Walter and Dario's dream is to own a boat. Meanwhile, they overcome boredom by inventing an endless series of jokes. Between the three and the rich boys in the area led by Fernando there is a strong rivalry that will become more acute with the arrival of the beautiful Karin, a young German with an ambiguous past. In the meantime, the official regatta arrives that our three friends, through a series of grotesque situations, win. Meanwhile Karin falls in love with Giorgio. Unexpectedly, the "protectors" of the young woman appear in the town. They want to bring her home and reveal the girl's past to Giorgio. After an understandable disappointment, Giorgio, helped by all the boys including Fernando, chases the criminals and frees his beloved.


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