Before finally entering the afterlife, the dead spend a period in a limbo from which they depart only when there i nobody among the living who remembers them. Under the care of the salacious Domenico, the visitors of a small cemetery recount how they arrived at eternal peace.


Keine Bewertungen
  • Der große Blonde kehrt zurück (1974)

    Der Geigenspieler François Perrin gerät schon wieder zwischen die Fronten zweier verfeindeter Geheimdienste. Oberst Toulouse kommt unter Zugzwang, da ihm die...
  • Feels So Good (2013)

    After his best friend loses his virginity, socially inept and high strung Allan finds himself alone in high school and with no shot of getting laid anywhere in...
  • Der Hund bleibt (2019)

    Henri is a middle-aged writer in crisis: married and father of four children, he obtained, many years ago, an editorial success that he has never repeated again....
  • Drunk Parents - Flasche leer (2019)

    Two drunk parents attempt to hide their ever increasing financial difficulties from their daughter and social circle through elaborate neighborhood schemes.

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