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Milan tells Zika to be married and to come to a suitable candidate, they decided to give advertisement in all national and international newspapers. From Slovenia to Brazil offers on VHS constantly arriving. And Zika do not err on the final selection of young, Milan offered him a language instruction their knowledge and skills. Zika understand what it is and the real tricks of his friend Milan.


Žikina ženidba


Keine Bewertungen
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    A group of friends goes to Oxford to help one of them to find the girl he's in love with.
  • Mutande pazze (1992)

    Four ambitious women are ready to do anything to make a name in show business. The translation of the Italian title is "Mad Underpants".
  • Due sul pianerottolo (1976)

  • Sok od šljiva (1981)

    DJ from a small town plans to organize a great artistic happening. His plans coincide with those by local bigwigs who desperately want to promote a local food...

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