On the 35th anniversary of his company, Dimitrije Pantic gets a plaque and watch as a present instead of well-deserved promotion he was hoping for. Meanwhile, his highly corrupt boss Srecko Sojic plans to ruin the company with his business partners and sell it on auction, which would provide him with money. For being a "troubled element", Pantic loses his job at the company and finds a new one as a private detective, accidentally discovering Sojic's intentions on the first day of work.


Tight Skin 4


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  • 100% Coco in New York (2019)

    Die stylische Coco freut sich überhaupt nicht auf den Sommerurlaub auf einem Campingplatz in den Niederlanden. Was sie nicht weiß: Tatsächlich hat sie einen Trip...
  • Cetto c'è senzadubbiamente (2019)

    Cetto has left politics and Italy to move to Germany, where he starts a chain of restaurants and pizzerias. One day his aunt reveals to him that Cetto is the heir...
  • The Immature: The Trip (2012)

    A group of high school friend after many years go to Paros on holiday.
  • Vojnici (1984)

    A group of young men from different ethnic and social backgrounds are conscripted and must serve one year in the former Yugoslav army.

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