Did you know that a war was once fought over a bucket? Or that a seasick chicken ruined a Roman battle? Horrible Histories presents history as it really happened – with all the horrible bits left in! Meet heroes, villains and ridiculous romantics. Learn why Henry VIII was not a good person to get dating tips from and why it was no fun being a Victorian kid. Rock with the Vikings and dodge rotten rulers. Tap your toes to some sensational songs throughout the ages, with hits from Florence Nightingale, Mary Queen of Scots and the War Lords.

Es war auf den Kanälen:

RTL Kockica  

  • Šešir profesora Koste Vujića (2013)

    The story of german professor Kosta Vujic and his students:future famous.All set in 1885.
  • Mrkomir l (2021)

    The year is eight hundred and fifty. Early Middle Ages. The principality is ruled by the Croatian prince Mrkomir, extremely greedy, but at the same time naive, so...
  • King of Queens (1998)

    Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) ist Kurierfahrer im New Yorker Stadtteil Queens. Er ist mit sich und seinem Leben zufrieden, mag seinen Job und liebt seine...
  • Junaci naseg doba (2019)


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