Reiff für die Insel: Katharina und der ganz große Fisch

Reiff für die Insel (2013)

komedi, suç, dram | Almanya
Yönetmen: Anno Saul

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Değerlendirme: 5.6/10


BöLüM: 2 - Katharina und der ganz große Fisch


The world still seems all right on the North Sea island of Föhr. The idyllic atmosphere also affects the attitude towards life of Katharina Reiff, who "fled" from the big city to the island. In the holiday pension of her resolute mother Marianne, she concentrates entirely on her distance learning law course and, to the delight of her daughter Nele, is determined to get her helper syndrome under control: people should kindly solve their problems themselves. In theory, this good resolution works splendidly, but just when Katharina wants to get her thesis to the post at the last minute, the bizarre car accident of the new island pastor Alexander Larsen gets in the way. The man needs help, no question about it: actually sent to the island to dissolve the parish due to a lack of members, the slightly confused clergyman spends his time primarily with apocalyptic prophecies and the search for divine clues to the impending doom. Could it be a coincidence that at the same time a series of fires broke out on the island, which the former island policeman Thies Quedens, as head of the voluntary fire department, had to put out? When Katharina's smug ex-boyfriend, the lawyer Clemens Flöter, appears on the island, the budding lawyer suspects that there is no divine apocalypse threatening, but a powerful opponent with much more worldly interests: Clemens' wealthy client wants the whole Buy up the island and market it as a holiday destination for the in-crowd. The long-established residents are of course in the way. Despite further arson attacks, nobody wants to believe Katharina's warnings at first. Only when it is almost too late does she, with the help of Thies and Pastor Larsen, resort to a daring ruse to thwart the unscrupulous building speculators.


Reiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die InselReiff für die Insel


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