Komasaufen (2013)

dram | Almanya
Yönetmen: Bodo Fürneisen

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Göster ülkede mevcut değil
Değerlendirme: 5.1/10


Lukas is 15 years old. His parents are separated and he cannot really come to terms with Karsten, his mother Beate's goal-oriented and career-oriented friend. Lukas would much rather move in with his father Jochen, who runs a car repair shop. In general, Lukas is not particularly successful in life, and he hardly finds any recognition among his peers. When Lukas' father wants to celebrate a business success with his son, the 15-year-old learns to appreciate alcohol for the first time. In his clique, too, alcohol is taken for granted. And suddenly everything seems so much easier to Lukas when he can just drink his heartache and worries away. He's also getting a little braver, because he wants to get closer to the attractive Sylvia. But Lukas has no idea what the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption can be.


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