Notes of Berlin

Notes of Berlin (2020)

komedi, dram | Almanya

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Değerlendirme: 7.4/10


A day and a night in Berlin: Karma drives an electric wheelchair, a flat share audition ends in a squat, a chef and an escaped dog become kings, everyone is looking for a father-to-be and a rabbit gets a nerd to finally be his neighbors get to know. Do Berlin taxis actually go to the Eiffel Tower? And who is the Queen of Berlin? In 15 bizarre encounters, "Notes of Berlin" tells the affectionate story of Berlin characters who are otherwise easy to overlook. Somewhere between club nights and housing shortages, between fleeing pets and finding a father, the film shows everyday madness and nocturnal encounters. A declaration of love for Berlin, because: "The heart of the city beats on the street". Based on Joab Nist's blog of the same name, each episode is inspired by an actual note found on the streets of Berlin.


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