Görev: Aşk

Zwei im falschen Film (2017)

dram, komedi, Romantik | Almanya
Yönetmen: Laura Lackmann

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Değerlendirme: 6.3/10


Hans calls his girlfriend Heinz, which tells you everything you need to know about their relationship. They're a typical couple who're stuck in a rut after eight years. Hans works at a copy shop and Heinz is an actress relegated to voicing a cartoon stoplight. On their anniversary, they go to the movies. It's a romance. But the spark on screen just doesn't strike them. When Hans gives Heinz's ex, Max her phone number instead of putting up a fight over her, her alarm bells go off. Max awakens her old feelings, but this does not even spark a trace of jealousy with Hans. The thing is clear: the two have to do something. How can this be love? They decide to make a list of everything that makes up a real love: Romance, desire, passion, jealousy, drama - deep feelings, in other words. Hans and Heinz methodically start checking off their list and realize: Real life is nothing like the movies.


Görev: AşkGörev: AşkGörev: AşkGörev: Aşk


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