Die großen und die kleinen Wünsche - Amors Pfeile

Die großen und die kleinen Wünsche - Amors Pfeile (2007)

dram, komedi, aile, Romantik | Almanya
Yönetmen: Ilse Hofmann

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Değerlendirme: 5.9/10


After spending a long time in the USA on business, major shipping company manager Albert Marquard is returning to Berlin. While Albert is happy to be back at last, his former rival Astrid, with whom he shares a timid love, does not know how to behave towards him - after all, he had only contacted her once in all that time . However, it does not take long before Albert wins over the offended Astrid again with charm and wit - much to the annoyance of her jealous ex-husband Uwe. Astrid and Uwe's grown-up daughter Claudia has also been in an emotional low since her husband Mario had to travel to England for a few months on business - she is convinced that he accepted the job not only for business reasons. In this situation, Claudia is just right when Albert's deputy, young manager Max Pohlmann, courted her according to all the rules of the art. Meanwhile, the amorous Albert Astrid surprises with the decision to quit his top-class managerial position in order to join her small family shipping company as a partner. With that, however, the conflicts are inevitable, because the two stubborn heads have very different ideas about how the shipping company Wünsche is to be run. To make matters worse, Albert ran aground on his maiden voyage as captain Astrid's beloved excursion ship MS Carina. Since repairing the ancient boat would be more expensive than buying a new one, Astrid decides with a heavy heart to scrap the "Carina". And as if that weren't enough trouble, she learns a little later that Albert lied to her and that in truth he hasn't quit his old job, apparently to keep all options open. She turns away from him, disappointed at this trickery. Only after a tip from his "rival" Uwe does Albert find an original way of proving the sincerity of his feelings to Astrid.


Die großen und die kleinen Wünsche - Amors Pfeile


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