Out of Control

Out of Control (2009)

gerilim, suç, gizem | Kanada
Yönetmen: Jean-Claude Lord

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Değerlendirme: 5.0/10
Kullanıcı oyu: 7.5/10
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Marcie Cutler is a smart young forensics officer who's looking to make detective. She finds herself working undercover after a police informant is killed in what looks like a drug deal gone bad. Lisa Grant and Gus Sutton are assigned to the case. However, Lisa is spiraling out of control following the death of her husband and bad relationship - against the departments rules with Gus. We soon learn that a dirty cop has been ciphering cocaine from police lock up and it is finding its way back to the streets. The evidence quickly suggests that Lisa herself is the killer. As Lisa panics and goes into hiding it is up to Marcie to free her rival and ultimately discover that her powerful attraction to Gus forced her to lose her objectivity and possibly her career.


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