The House

Gefangen (2021)

dram | Almanya
Yönetmen: Elke Hauck

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Değerlendirme: 5.9/10


During his night shift officer Harry Österreich (49) checks a man on his way to work. When this man is involved in a car accident the following day with his wife and two daughters, Harry is a first responder at the scene of the accident. Despite great efforts, Harry cannot rescue anyone from the burning vehicle. Ronald and his family die before his eyes. Harry's life, on the other hand, seems to go on as before. There are his children Vicky and David from his first marriage, his new girlfriend Ellen, who is expecting a baby and the banal police routine - Harry won't talk about the accident. Not to his boss, not to Polansky, the psychologist and not to Ellen. The accident is his own. Involuntarily, Harry is drawn to the dead family's home and soon he crosses the line of professional distance. His pregnant girlfriend and his twelve-year-old daughter follow him to the edge of this abyss.


The HouseThe HouseThe House


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