Rock and Chips

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EPISODIO: Five Gold Rings


It's Christmas 1960 and the Trotters are settling into their new flat in Sir Walter Raleigh House, Peckham. In this second prequel to Only Fools and Horses, 16-year-old Del (The Inbetweeners' James Buckley) has left school. Very much the fledgeling wheeler-dealer, he's busily flogging 45s straight off the back of a boat from America and getting engaged to half of sarf London in the hope of creating some lustful opportunities. Rodney's still a baby, of course, and his father, the roguish but debonair Freddie "the Frog" Robdal (Nicholas Lyndhurst), has been temporarily detained. In Wormwood Scrubs. The first serving of John Sullivan's Rock & Chips last January gave many critics indigestion but it went down well with viewers, who didn't mind the lack of belly laughs. There are some cracking performances here, too: Robert Daws is splendid as a sleazy cinema manager and Paula Wilcox as Reg Trotter's mum surely must be closely related to Catherine Tate's Nan. Radio Times reviewer - Jane Rackham


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