Actually, the doctor Dr. Peter Hauser can be completely satisfied: He took over his father Heinrich's thriving medical practice in his old hometown of Potsdam and also found the love of his life in the equally attractive and self-confident Stella Calvani. After Stella moved in with him with her two naughty sons, Peter now wants to put the icing on the cake: He asks Stella to be his wife. Overjoyed, the young woman accepts the marriage proposal, much to the displeasure of her tradition-conscious mother, who would rather have a "real Italian" as a son-in-law. But that's not the only problem: When Peter and Stella Heinrich returned from vacation with the good news surprise, they are flabbergasted - because he has a surprise in his luggage, which he proudly presents: Johanna, a lively widow of several times, with whom he falls head over heels in love during his journey - and whom he also married straight away However, Peter is anything but enthusiastic about the idea of a joint church wedding. On the contrary: He resents his father for once again pushing him into the background with his new love. He also suspects that Johanna is something in the shields - when Peter discovers a book about the murder of a spouse in her luggage, he sees it as proof that the fun-loving woman actively helped her previous husbands die and is now also trying to kill the unsuspecting Heinrich. In order to convict the alleged inheritance hunter, Peter tries his hand at being a hobby detective with the reluctant support of Heinrich's resolute housekeeper Grethe and his best friend Lorenz - and in doing so he makes one mistake. Not only does he threaten to ruin his relationship with his father with his childish accusations, he also jeopardizes his relationship with Stella and his upcoming marriage with his jealous distrust.


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