Actually, Dr. Michael Mangold can be completely satisfied: His prosperous, small-town medical practice is to be expanded soon and he has a wonderful girlfriend in the police officer Lena Stern. Only two things are missing for complete happiness: a celebratory wedding and lots of offspring. While the awkward Michael is still filing his marriage proposal, his dream of having a child is unexpectedly fulfilled when one morning Laura, Tini and the baby Jesus are at the door. The three lost their parents in an accident and now want to go to their uncle Jrg Klein, Lena's ex-fianc. Since Jrg is about to set off on a research trip to Antarctica, Lena and Michael take the children in with them until a foster family is found. But from day one, the little ones cause a lot of hustle and bustle in their parents' temporary household, which is already slightly chaotic: Laura doesn't eat meat, Baby Jesus only tolerates mare's milk and the kids' little dog brings fleas to Michael's practice. In the midst of all this, kindhearted Michael finds time to secretly take care of an injured fugitive who the police are looking for as a notorious "horse slasher." Lena, meanwhile, seems reconciled to the idea of adopting Laura, Tini and Jesus "Of course, that doesn't suit Michael at all: he wants his own children. In the argument, he leaves the house - the final separation seems inevitable. When the children run away because they don't want to destroy the happiness of the two, Michael proves to be heroic in the father role : At a fairground he saves the desperate Laura from the greatest danger. But the next problem is already waiting, because Lena learns from the children that Michael is covering for the supposed "horse carnivore"


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