Liebe verjährt nicht

Liebe verjährt nicht (2019)

romantikus, vígjáték, dráma | Németország
Rendező: Sebastian Hilger
DasErste | hétfő | 18:30

Értékelés: 4.9/10


The once celebrated stock exchange genius Piet N. Schneller has a hard time baking small rolls as a Hartz IV recipient. Under pressure from his case manager Runknagel, Piet reluctantly accepts a driver's job at the Hamburger Tafel. On his first day he surprisingly meets his ex-girlfriend Veronika at the food distribution for the needy. In order not to show any weaknesses in front of the love of his life, Piet switches back to the successful type. Although Veronika soon finds out how he really is, she gets involved in the game and accepts his invitation to dinner. At the dinner in his former noble restaurant "Truffaldino" he is the chef in the tried and tested manner. Veronika doesn't play with open cards either: the successful manager keeps to herself that she runs a famous auction house and only helped out at the table on a voluntary basis. There is a great need for talks between her and Piet, because they both secretly mourn their separation 20 years ago. Without promising each other anything, they decide to continue where their future together ended abruptly: as hitchhikers, Piet and Veronika set off on a romantic trip to Venice. Despite the best of intentions, it initially cracks more than it crackles. In order to start anew, an unfinished business from back then and the truth about the living conditions of today have to be put on the table.


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