Bewertung: 6.6/10


Willy gets involved in a car accident. The girlfriend of the man killed in the accident, who is waiting for a baby, blames Willy. So he decides to care for her and for the baby.


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  • Everyone Wants It (2015)

    Chiara is looking for a man able to remedy her frigidity but a misunderstanding leads her to Orazio, a dreamer who has not had a relationship in years.
  • Pardon, Are You for or Against? (1966)

    A successful fifty-year-old entrepreneur, Tullio Conforti, opposed to divorce for religious reasons, is in fact separated from his wife and leads a frenetic life...
  • Facciamo fiesta (1997)

    Sandro is a cameraman who works for private TV, Marco occasionally makes journalistic collaborations and accepts the proposal of a tourist agency to leave for...
  • Drei Väter sind besser als keiner (2016)

    Mit Kind und Kegel macht Maike (Julia Hartmann) einen Zwischenstopp in ihrem idyllischen Heimatdorf Füdrum. Dort lernen Sohn Jasper (Sammy O'Leary) und Tochter...

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