The story of the first ever "anti-mafia judges pool" established in the '80s at the Palermo Courthouse, in Sicily, in the '80s, while two mafia families started a 10-year-long war to obtain the complete control of smuggles. Giovanni Falcone was the most important of them: he discovered the liaisons between mafia and politicians, working along with Rocco Chinnici and Paolo Borsellino. Rocco Chinnici was killed by Mafia in the middle '80s, with a bomb. Giovanni Falcone was killed by mafia in 5/23/1992, with more than 100 kilograms of TNT placed under the highway between Palermo and the Punta Raisi airport, and he died along with his wife and three police officers from the VIP Protection Bureau. Paolo Borsellino was killed by mafia 50 days later, with a bomb-car placed under his mother's house, and he died along with many police officers from the VIP Protection Bureau.


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