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Chicago, 1993. At his 23 years-old, James Fray is a lost soul stuck in a spiral of auto-destruction due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol. After a night of partying, James accidentally falls off the balcony of the house where he was staying, breaking his nose. When he comes to from his alcohol and drug-fueled high hours later, he finds himself on an airplane headed to Minnesota, to be admitted in Hazelden Foundation, a legendary rehab center for addicts. Reluctant to take any step to address his addictions, in the center he meets other patients in treatment: Leonard, a foul-mouthed former member of the mob; John, a deranged sexual obsessive unable to contain his primary impulses; Roy, a bipolar disorder combined with religious delirium; and finally Miles, a clarinet player and former judge who turns on his roommate. Despite the rules of the center that prevent all contact between men and women, who are treated in different pavilions of the center, James meets Lilly, a beautiful and fragile young girl with a serious problem of addiction and emotional dependence. Watched by the center's staff, supervisor Lincoln and psychologist Joanne, James starts to think about the life he lived and the events of his past at the same time he is visited by his older brother Bob Jr., a man frustrated by his younger brother's addiction, in an attempt to redirect him. While James finds in Leonard a supporter and friend to start his recovery, he and Lilly meet in secret, falling in love each other. However, when their meetings are discovered by Lincoln and Joanne, James finds himself not only fearing by Lilly's life, but at a crossroads where every decision could change his life forever.


A Million Little PiecesA Million Little PiecesA Million Little PiecesA Million Little PiecesA Million Little PiecesA Million Little Pieces


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