The New Pope

The New Pope (2019)

dram | İtalya, Fransa, İspanya, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, Birleşik Krallık
Yönetmen: Paolo Sorrentino

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Değerlendirme: 8.2/10

Pius XIII is in a coma. And after an interlude as unexpected as it is mysterious, Voiello succeeds in getting Sir John Brannox, a moderate, charming and sophisticated English aristocrat, elected to the papal throne, taking the name John Paul III. The new pope seems perfect, but is hiding frailties and secrets. He realises at once, as well, that it is going to be difficult to take the place of his charismatic and illustrious predecessor, while in the Vatican, Voiello struggles to manage a Church beset by scandals – which are putting its upper echelons at risk of being swept away for good – as well as by external threats. Sofia and Esther turn out to be very different from what they appear and cardinal Gutierrez continues to fight against his contradictions. Then a number of the faithful start to idolise Pius XIII, who begins to dispatch strange messages from his hospital bed. Until...

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