Set on the isolated island of Tasmania, an achingly beautiful place clinging to the edge of the world, lit up by the eerie glow of the Southern Aurora, this series is a tense, gripping thriller following one woman's journey to find the truth about her past. Dr Anna Macy was just a child when her best friend Gillian mysteriously disappeared. The two girls had been playing in ancient woodland on the edge of town when Anna saw strange lights in the sky, accompanied by a high-pitched noise. Hours after, Anna was found alone. Fifteen years later Anna returns to her home town of Kettering to find that the rumours still persist about what really happened to the girls that night - from Anna killing Gillian to alien abduction - so when 17 year old Chloe Holloway also disappears Anna is compelled to discover what really happened to Gillian.

Kanallarda vardı:

BBC First  

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