La crociera

La crociera (2001)

drama, romantika | Italija
Redatelj: Enrico Oldoini

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Emisija nije dostupna u državi
Ocjena: 6.6/10

Ever since her beloved husband's death six years previously LAURA, in her early 40s, has lived alone with her 17-year-old daughter GUILIA. In all those years she has received friendship and support from SIMONE, her late husband's best friend. Laura and Simone have grown closer of late, and when he finally confesses his love for her and asks her to marry him, she accepts. Laura is invited on a cruise across the Aegean Sea by her parents in celebration of their Golden Wedding anniversary, and plans to tell her daughter all about her forthcoming wedding when she suddenly meets the good-looking PAOLO on board # and the sad expression in his eyes instantly captivates her. Laura finds herself in the grip of a passion she hasn't known since her husband was alive # and Paolo falls in love with her, too. Things soon become very tense, however, because Giulia has fallen in love with Paolo as well! And when Giulia finds out that Paolo and her mother are in love, there's a huge row. Giulia goes ashore for an excursion on a Greek island and fails to return to the ship. Distraught, Laura sets out in search of her daughter. She receives support from Simone, called in by Laura's mother in response to the emotional turmoil she saw Laura going through # and once again Laura realizes just how safe and happy she feels when Simone is around. Meanwhile Giulia makes a surprise appearance back on the ship, and her grandmother makes her see reason and go back to MARCO, a boy her own age. Laura now understands that love means a whole lot more than butterflies in one's stomach and passion: even though she's fallen for Paolo, it's Simone she truly loves and wants to share the rest of her life with. Laura and Paolo part company, knowing they'll never forget one another.


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