There is no trace of boredom in Fanny Steininger's life. One moment she's fleeing a pawn collector out the window, the next an inheritance snows in the house. An unknown person, allegedly her biological father, bequeathed a fortune to the 60-year-old, including a country house by the lake. Of course, that turns everything on its head. Her sisters Ute and Karin would prefer it if Fanny didn't use this inheritance to balance the red figures on her account. Can Walter Jeromin even be Fanny's father? Fanny flirts with the inheritance. Were it not for the guardianship of the mentally handicapped, supposed half-brother Elias Jeromin. She seeks advice from the law firm "Hackenbusch and Sons". The quirky lawyer Wotan Hackenbusch wants his family to provide a lawyer in every generation - in line with tradition. But he doesn't trust his son Tristan. Rather, he relies on Rita Kopp - the lawyer who has not yet lost a case. But Fanny takes the shy Tristan as legal counsel. With her resolute support, Tristan gains increasing confidence and another client. Lydia, who, like Fanny, was supposedly born out of wedlock, seeks her father's approval all her life. But since he stubbornly closes himself off to her, Lydia now goes to court with Tristan's help. So many fathers and Fanny right in the middle.


Fanny und die geheimen Väter


Brak opisu

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