Wiedersehen in Eriksberg

Wiedersehen in Eriksberg (2009)

Reżyseria: John Delbridge

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Program niedostępny w kraju
Ocena: 5.2/10


A 3D Japanese short film based on Toho Planning, Studio Jump, and Yomiko Advertising's 1988 television series of the same name. It was produced for the "Jump Out! Super Heroes" event at the Takarazuka Family Land theme park, where it premiered on the day of the event's opening on March 18, 1989.[1] The film is not known to have been released again until almost a full decade later in 1998, when it was included as a bonus feature on the second volume of the series' LaserDisc releases. It has since been carried over to Toho's subsequent video releases, including the second volume of their 2005 DVDs, and the fourth volume of the discs' 2018 Toho Masterpiece Selection reissues.


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