Mein verrücktes Jahr in Bangkok

Mein verrücktes Jahr in Bangkok (2011)

Reżyseria: Sigi Rothemund

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Ocena: 4.5/10
Ocena użytkownika: 2/10


One year in Bangkok. Sabine Kremer was on fire when her husband Christof, a successful management consultant, told her about the job offer from the Thai metropolis. Upon arrival, however, it doesn't take long for their enthusiasm to be dampened by the sobering reality: all their luggage has been lost, the promised driver is a long time coming, and the rented town house in the elegant colonial style turns out to be half a construction site. In any case, Sabine doesn't have much fun in the "Land of Smiles". Christof has been busy working from day one, the hectic chaos in the metropolis doesn't make getting used to it any easier. Daughter Emma, on the other hand, finds her way around the unfamiliar environment very quickly and enjoys the exciting change of scenery. In the Chinese Lilly, the mother of Emma's classmate, Sabine finally finds a friend: Lilly has been living with her German husband in Bangkok for a long time and informs the newcomer about some of the cultural peculiarities of the host country. Meanwhile, Christof has other worries. Almost all employees in the company only speak Thai and his German contact, Jochen Zimmermann, does everything he can to torpedo Christof's work out of fear for his own job. Only when Christof hired a personal interpreter with the Thai Eleanor did the situation improve. However, the beautiful young woman is not only interested in her boss professionally. Sabine also immediately notices that Eleanor is openly flirting with her husband. In Christof's client Herbert Dollmann, she herself also has a not exactly reluctant admirer. When Christof sets off on a business trip of several days with Eleanor, Eleanor sees her great opportunity. At the same time, the shrewd Dollmann takes the opportunity and takes Sabine out to an elegant dinner. There is no question that the events will soon roll over for everyone involved - albeit differently than expected or hoped for.


Mein verrücktes Jahr in BangkokMein verrücktes Jahr in BangkokMein verrücktes Jahr in Bangkok


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