Does it bring luck or rather bad luck, this little black tomcat who wanders through the cozy suburb where Rosa Schätzlein and Frido Schulz are at home? At first neither of them notice the animal at all, as they are far too busy with other things: Especially with themselves. Because although Frido and Rosa have known each other since their studies, have been neighbors for ages and Frido's wife is Hanne Rosa's best friend, they are like cats and dogs and never miss an opportunity to fight. The former law student is a thorn in the side of Frido in particular: She made it to the position of a successful lawyer while he had to take over his father's modest electronics business. But then a real stroke of fate overtakes the family man, notorious choleric and lay lawyer: Hanne dies. Frido and Rosa notice how empty their lives are without Hanne. Frido's children, with whom Rosa is also very close, cannot alleviate the grief: Daughter Vivien is pursuing a career in the USA, son David is working hard on his own relationship life in addition to the police job and is slowly getting tired of daddy's constant emergency calls. In this desperate situation, the said cat comes into play: One evening she runs up to the broken widower, who immediately takes her into his heart, takes her in and affectionately baptizes "Puschi". The jealous neighbor Almut Fischer doesn't like that at all: She has long since kept her eye on Frido, wants to have him to herself and is also allergic. Thanks to Almut's deceitful intervention, "Puschi" ends up with Rosa, who, also single and plagued by professional hardships, shows herself delighted at the arrival of the cuddly animal: henceforth it will be called "Lumpazi". Of course it is only a matter of time before Frido gets wind from Rosa's new housemate, recognizes him as his "Puschi", senses a wanton cat theft and takes the case to court. But what will the verdict be: the end point of a wonderful enmity - or the chance for something completely new?


Das Glück ist eine Katze


Brak opisu

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