A female detective, Joanna Locasto returns back to a wealthy family her mother used to work for to uncover the murder of Vivian Bowers. Vivian Bowers was once her best friend and she is determined to solve her murder case. As the maids daughter, Joanna searchers out to find out everything she can about the Bowers. During the time of searching, she uncovers some of the most shocking things she never though her best friend would do.

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  • Мистериите на Мердок (2008)

    Кон крајот на 1890-тите, полицискиот инспектор Вилијам Мардок зазема нов, понаучен пристап кон решавање на злосторства. Помогнат од судија, д-р Јулија Огден и...
  • Отец Браун (2013)

    Радња ове адаптације романа Г. К. Цхестерстона смјештена је у 1950-е, у срце прекрасног енглеског ладањског краја. Марк Wиллиамс глуми оца Броwна, католичког...
  • Место злочина: Вегас (2021)

    Facing an existential threat that could bring down the Crime Lab, a brilliant team of forensic investigators must welcome back old friends and deploy new...
  • Убојства у (2013)

    A collection of police murder investigations each time taking place in a different French city and region.

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