Мицхаел Јацксон

Michael Jackson (2009)

докоментарен | Германија, Обединетото Кралство, САД
Режисер: Rudi Dolezal

рејтинг: 8.3/10


Michael Jackson was the biggest star in the history of music, but he also fought a life-long battle against his own inner demons. This is the secret story of a true modern hero. Join Michael Jackson as he tirelessly tours the globe working on behalf of his favourite charities and good causes. We hear from Elizabeth Taylor who stood by Michael during his darkest hours. In England we go backstage as Michael meets Princess Diana and Prince Charles. In South Africa Michael comes face to face with his idol - Nelson Mandela. We also hear from La Toya Jackson, Janet Jackson and Beyoncà Knowles. See Michael speak out against exploitation, racism, war and oppression as he fights for the rights of under-privileged children everywhere. This is the real Michael Jackson - the untold story of a noble champion overcoming his own adversity in his life-long quest to heal the world. THE COMPANION BOOKLET This is the definitive story of the trials and tribulations of Michael Jackson. The book starts with his early childhood and continues with his meteoric rise from backing singer to solo artist. It looks at Michaelâ€s later life including his child abuse trial in 2005, his tragic death, the memorial service and the reaction of the celebrity world to his sad passing. This unaligned and autonomous film and booklet is unauthorised. It was made with complete editorial freedom and has not been vetted or approved by Michael Jacksonâ€s estate.


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