Spirit of Vengeance: The Making of 'Ghost Rider'

Spirit of Vengeance: The Making of 'Ghost Rider' (2007)

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рејтинг: 6.4/10


This is a three-part documentary (i.e. Spirit of Vengeance, Spirit of Adventure and Spirit of Execution) which mixes behind the scenes materials and interviews. The program opens with info about bringing Ghost Rider to the big screen, the script and story, cast and Nicolas Cage's interest in the project, the flick's tone and its motorcycles. From there it digs into sets, characters, costumes and makeup, music, shooting in Australia, cinematography, and stunts. In addition, it looks at visual effects, editing, score, and other aspects of post-production. It essentially follows the production in chronological order. It detours for related issues but stays connected to the shooting schedule. For instance, a scene that highlights Roxanne offers our introduction to Mendes. Part Three of the program mostly drops the interviews to completely follow the "fly on the wall" approach. We watch the various post-production stages without any commentary and just see them as they happen. Though this means we lose many overall thoughts on those issues, we get a nice sense of immediacy.


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