Best friends Oscar and Hedgehog must summon all their courage to navigate the mysteries and wonders of a magic sleep-away camp. Summer Camp Island is the ultimate sleep away destination for kids! Featuring all your favourite camp activities, from swimming holes and softball games to unicorn stables and talking pajamas, this camp truly has it all! Away from their parents, the two friends must summon all their courage to navigate mysteries and wonders of this magical camp where camp counsellors are witches, horses become unicorns, and monsters live under the bed. Not all camps offer the opportunity to swim with a talking shark in the swimming pool, crawl under the bed into a different universe, or make friends with the moon, but on Summer Camp Island, anything can happen.

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Premiere Summer Camp Island 2, Ep. 13
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Premiere Summer Camp Island 2, Ep. 14
Premiere Summer Camp Island 3, Ep. 10
Premiere Summer Camp Island 3, Ep. 11
Premiere Summer Camp Island 3, Ep. 12
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