Mirko and Manolo are best friends and live in the suburbs of Rome. They both live in poor conditions with their single parents, are still in school and struggle with occasional odd jobs to make ends meet. Together they share dreams of women, of sex and money, of a better life to come. After killing a man in a hit-and-run one night, they get involved with the local mafia and their lives change dramatically. Soon they find themselves doing the dirty work for their new bosses and have fresh blood on their hands. But lured by the dreams of easy money and illusions of a thriving career, they fail to realize the consequences of their choice. Life in the underworld becomes exceedingly tough and Mirko and Manolo soon disconnect from family and former friends as they engage on a download spiral, a pathway towards darkness.


Ska rishikime
  • Të korruptuar (2000)

    Dakota Smith është një polic me përvojë me një problem: partneri i tij vdiq nga një plumb, dhe policët e korruptuar janë përgjegjës. Hetimi i Dakut e çon atë...
  • Medusa's Mystery (2019)

    After finding a golden statuette of Medusa in the depths of the ocean, a young diver mysteriously vanishes. The police detectives discover a curse surrounding the...
  • Gomorrah (2008)

    "Gomorra" is a contemporary Neapolitan mob drama that exposes Italy's criminal underbelly by telling five stories of individuals who think they can make their own...
  • Night Vision (1997)

    A homicide investigator goes after a media-obsessed serial murderer who videotapes his victims's deaths

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