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It's the approach to the Christmas season, and visitors are starting to descend on the Northern Vermont Christmas tourist town of Evergreen. One of those is New Yorker Katie Connell, a writer with one published novel under her belt, she who is now doing freelance work as she contemplates novel number two whenever that will happen. This vacation is to experience a little more of life which she feels will make her a better writer. What starts as a vacation ends up being a working trip as her mother Patti Connell, the editor of a business magazine, asks her to write a story for immediate publication, Patti's hope that it will be the transition for Katie to staff and more stable life which Katie has always resisted. Katie decides to find a story in Evergreen and its Christmas traditions. What Katie feels about Evergreen - especially her immediate attraction to and subsequent encounters with native Evergreenian Ben Baxter, one of the town's librarians who once worked as a big city reporter...


Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy


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