Leonard and Judith have little in common. More precisely: almost nothing. He is a math professor who loves solitude and avoids other people. Judith, on the other hand, enjoys being around people at her job in the campus café and lets herself into unusual ideas. This also includes the plan of her long-term affair, Stefan, to smuggle her into the academic world without studying so that she can continue to live in her cheap university apartment. Without further ado, Stefan stamps a new educational series out of the ground in his function as head of PR at the university and orders the surprised Leonard to inspire students for the magic of numbers. For the presentations in the classroom, the professor, who suffers from anxiety disorders, is provided with the communicative Judith. Actually not a bad idea, because who could reach math gruff better and more credibly than Judith, who so far has little knowledge of algebra and geometry. The fact that Leonard's father Franz Damovsky, a former comedian, should also support the project with his celebrities in the media, turns out to be a bad idea. As in the past, the reckless senior makes his rough jokes at the expense of his neurotic son. Meanwhile, Judith is not only beginning to see mathematics through different eyes, but also her project partner Leonard.


Ska rishikime
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