Nina has been the good wife of the conservative mayor Robert von der Heyden for twelve years. During this happy, but also hardship, time she counted on her husband keeping his political and private promise not to run for a fourth term. The capable lawyer finally wants to step out of Robert's shadow and return to her profession. Now she has to find out from television that her godly husband is again running as a top candidate against all agreements. Nina's disappointment is intensified when she catches her husband red-handed with his French PR advisor Jacqueline. She actually wants to break all bridges behind her, but her husband's outrageous grin on the election posters enrags her. Her old party friend Philipp awakens the ambition of the once active local politician who has been a member of the organic movement for many years. Why shouldn't she challenge the confident Robert herself? For the press, the political power struggle between the married couple is a sensation. Her teenage daughter Alice alone finds it extremely embarrassing that the quarreling parents are also fighting in public. By uncovering an environmental scandal in which her husband is not entirely uninvolved, Nina can score politically. Between projections and mud battles, their married life is in danger of falling by the wayside. Is it worth it?


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