A rascally raccoon pretends to be a cat so that a rich sweet little old lady will look after him. He may have her fooled but her dog is on to him.
Welcome to Muchmore Manor, home of uber-rich senior Mrs Muchmore and her beloved dog with a red bow, Bentley. They want for nothing – unlike the down-on-his-luck trash-eating raccoon, who spends his days jealously gazing at the constant food deliveries to the Manor. Eventually it becomes too much for the little scavenger, and he gets an idea – he'll disguise himself as an adorable kitty cat and infiltrate the manor. Believe it or not – thanks to a snazzy bow, and an adorable little 'meow', his insane plan works. Mrs. Muchmore names him 'Taffy' and showers the 'cat' with the kind of cuddling that her dog could only dream of. Bentley the dog is no dummy, though – he knows that Taffy's a raccoon, and will stop at nothing to take down the intruder by exposing him as the dirty rodent he is!

Era sui canali:

Boomerang IT  Cartoonito IT  

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