Nathaniel Fisher, his wife Ruth, and their children David and Claire run a small funeral business that offers the best care to be found anywhere close by. Prodigal son Nate Jr. arrives home for Christmas just as his father is killed by a bus, and has to stick around when he and David are willed the funeral service together. How does a family who helps others deal with grief deal with its own?

Era sui canali:

Sky Atlantic IT  Italia 1  

  • Una mamma per amica (2000)

    Thirty-two year old single mom, Lorelai, lives with her teenage daughter Rory in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, with crazy neighbors and many ups...
  • Cento vetrine (2001)

  • The White Lotus (2021)

    From Mike White ("Enlightened"), HBO's six-episode series THE WHITE LOTUS is a sharp social satire following the exploits of various employees and guests at an...
  • Modern Family (2009)

    Protagonisti della sitcom sono sei genitori e cinque figli: Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) nonno e padre di Mitchell e Claire, ha sposato Gloria (Sofia Vergara), una...

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