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Carlo's (Armin Rohde) old-fashioned garage is on the brink of collapse. After 30 years of operation, Carlo and his three buddies can hardly get any orders. Due to the slump that has lasted for a long time, Carlo is already heavily in debt and has not paid any taxes for a long time, which he now has to pay back. He should pay a total of 50,000 euros within twelve weeks, otherwise not only his existence but also that of his buddies and their families is at stake. To get rid of his debts, Carlo makes a deal with Aslan (Hasan Ali Mete), who runs the adjacent gym. If Carlo and his buddies manage to finish this year's marathon, he will get the 50,000 euros from Aslan. The problem: With their rather comfortable lifestyle, the four buddies are neither physically nor mentally in the condition to finish a marathon. But they realize that this is the last chance to save the garage.


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