Almuth und Rita räumen auf

Almuth und Rita räumen auf (2016)

vígjáték, dráma | Németország

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Felhasználói értékelés: 8.1/10
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It's Almuth's birthday: Rita's faithful cleaning lady promptly brings her husband Werner and a wonderful cake to celebrate. While blowing out the candles, Almuth makes a wish, which of course she doesn't say, otherwise it won't come true. So she doesn't mention that she's thinking about Klaus, her friend from the old days... Rita can't understand Almuth's stubborn "I can manage on my own", she can't live without Werner. When her beloved husband suddenly dies, it's up to Almuth to stand by Rita during this time - even if it's not easy for her. And Rita, on the other hand, used to modest circumstances, is annoyed by Almuth's throwaway mentality. Almuth's desire for peace is then torpedoed again when Almuth's daughter Kathrin moves in with her with her kith and kin. With Kathrin's "time out from marriage", the tense atmosphere heats up, and Almuth loses his nerve. When Rita then gets involved, there's a violent crash between the women. Rita quits. Once and for all. Almuth stays behind unhappily. Will the two women manage to overcome their opposing worlds once more and save their extraordinary friendship?


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