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The vivacious Sofie has her life firmly under control: the single mother seems to master the balancing act between work, parenthood and love life with ease. She lives with her 15-year-old son Phillip, her eleven-year-old daughter Jenny and her maternal friend Rosa in an old Leipzig city villa and is a successful author of romance novels - actually. Unfortunately, an almost insurmountable writer's block stands in the way of completing her latest work, which gradually causes her publisher and occasional lover Konrad to panic. As if that weren't enough, Sofie also faces a lot of challenges from her children: Phillip, who is in the middle of puberty, is rebellious and only has girls on his mind, while little Jenny asks more and more often who her father is - because both children never met their fathers . It is precisely in this tense situation that a man appears whose existence Sofie had successfully suppressed for many years: Vincent, Rosa's son and once Sofie's great love, left her overnight 15 years ago to seek his fortune in Australia. Since then she has never heard from him again. Now he is suddenly in front of the door again. But did he really only come for Rosa's 70th birthday? Or does he want to assert his claim to the villa after all these years, which he and Sofie inherited together at the time? Either way, Sofie is anything but happy about Vincent's return. The pain from back then is too deep and she fears that it could once again upset her life and her feelings. That's why she tries to keep secret from him that they have much more in common than a broken love. However, Vincent soon calculates that Phillipp must be his son. While he tries to develop a friendly relationship with the unsuspecting boy, Sofie realizes that she still has feelings for Vincent. But the power woman cannot and does not want to admit that to herself.


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