Follows the mischievous adventures of a Monkey by the name of George.

Was on channels:

TG4 Ireland  Cartoonito  Sky Cinema Family  

  • The Tom & Jerry Show (2014)

    The cat and mouse rivals are back and up to their old antics. Follow Tom and Jerry as they explore fantastic new places, including a witches cabin and a mad...
  • Horrid Henry (2006)

    For Horrid Henry, life is just not fair! He feels that the rest of the world is against him and he wages a constant war against the tyranny of adults. Like any...
  • Tom and Jerry in New York (2021)

    Follow the iconic cat and mouse duo as they settle in to their new digs at the Royal Gate Hotel and unleash mayhem across the big city, inciting hilarious chaos...
  • bugs! A Looney Tunes PROD. (2015)

    Wabbit focuses on the classic personality and charisma of Bugs Bunny and sets him loose in today’s modern society. The show pits Bugs against new adversaries such...

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